We operate a modern green sand moulding plant from 2-BMM Weston moulding machines capable of accepting boxes 13” x 13”, 14” x 14”, 18” x 14” and 22” x 22” producing up to 150 boxes per day.

Our core making facility consists of 3 shell machines, 2 for our small to medium work and 1 automatic for larger cores. Cores for loose pattern work are produced in Co2.

Melting is achieved by the use of two 125 Kilo Watt D.P.O furnaces with a melting capacity per pot of 80kg, which allows rapid turn around of product and gives flexibility of batch production, with quantities from 1 to over 1000 being available to the customer.

Our own in-house pattern shop complements the whole foundry facility and enables us to give the customer quick turn around on both loose pattern and production work.

We are also able to supply volume castings in all materials and methods of manufacture, including High Pressure and Gravity Die from our overseas foundries.

• Aluminium to BS1490
  LM4, LM6, LM24, LM25, LM25TF, LM27

• Gunmetal to BS EN 1982: 1999
  CC490K, CC49K, CC494K, CC331K, CC333G

• Cast Iron to BS1452
  All Grades

• Steel to BS3100
  420 C29, 425 C11, 304 C12, 304 C15, 347 C17, 316 C12, 316 C16, 318 C17, 317 C16, 332 C13,

  332 C15, 332 C11

• Steel to BS3070
  NA1, NA2, NA3